yet another rebirth

I guess, I keep doing this every year — hit the reset button and then come up with a million excuses of the whatabouts. Oh I am here. padagata is here. 'just floating around looking at the sky as if it is a lazy Sunday afternoon forever.

So what now? 

I want to give padagata its full and literal meaning. Let us beach. Let us go to the beach.

I want it to be an intimate and kind of exclusive experience. By this I mean, share new adventures with my family and closest friends. Do not get me wrong, I love skimboarding as always. My support stays strong. I just want to share padagata with my family like never before.

The first beach trip of the year is the turning point. I like being in a car with my brother driving, with Brad in the passenger seat, and I am holding the baby in the back seat. (Yes, I have a baby now). I have never travelled with any of my siblings before, or have a baby, or travel with a baby. I guess my child has changed my travel perspective as well as preference. It is quiet challenging. Whether I like it or not, the baby dictates how my itinerary should be planned. But it feels so good being with my family on a road trip going from one beach to another.

So there you go, this is padagata now.

How do you travel with your family or friends? Care to share?